Fusion Metal Screen Dividers

Product Highlights

⦁ Custom Fabricated screen divider
⦁ Stainless Steel material
⦁ Stock size available: 71” H x 17” W x 0.75” D
⦁ Custom designs available upon request
⦁ Custom finishes, sizes, and colors available upon request


Our adaptable screen dividers are an ideal addition to any facility. Whether you are using partitions to create sections, hide doorways, staircases, or kitchens. Our screen dividers are versatile in their usability and allow creativity to flow. These intricate screen dividers create unique, private separations between restaurant tables, or add a beautiful backdrop to your bedroom ensemble, this room divider is a lovely addition to any space creating the ambiance of exclusivity and comfort Create sections and rooms effortlessly by aligning as many partitions as you need side by side sequentially. Whether you desire to mix and match our three pattern variants or stick to a single uniform look, our dividers offer various scenarios.
Showcasing an intricate rhombus cut out design, the frame made from stainless steel designed to seamlessly fall into any room or be the centerpiece of lobbies or patio areas.


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Screen Divider Dimensions

Size= 24″x60″

Area= 10sf