Welcome to the Fusion Metal Creations Blog!

Fusion Metal Creations welcomes you to its brand new blog! As one of the new custom art and design providers of its kind on the market, we are excited to help you and your home/business look the absolute best it can, using state-of-the-art attractive metal designs! This blog is our way of communicating with you and showing you exactly what we do, and the
looks and style we can give to you and your home or business!


Fusion Metal Creations offers you a diverse variety of unique and attractive metal designs for any type of building need you may have – our designs have been built for homes, offices, apartment complexes, government buildings, and many more.

Need furnishings for your home? A unique array of tables and chairs are available. A variety of doors and windows are available for your home as well – all sure to catch the eye of both homeowners and guests alike!

For apartments and buildings that require extra security, our gate designs are a popular choice. You can now protect your property, and have an attractive design at the exact same time! For businesses, you can create custom signs with us to help your business stand out even more. For both the homes and commercial buildings, we create custom art that features that signature Fusion Metal Creations look – sure to catch the eye of everyone in the room!

No matter what type of building you live in or manage, we have something to offer you!


We offer custom designs as well, and have a request form on the website. For all requests that aren’t encompassed in the above, feel free to fill out a request and we will work to fulfill it!

We have already had a number of satisfied custom design customers – take a look at our Gallery for some of the most recent designs, as well as examples of our furnishing in use for both home and commercial real estate.

Our gallery will give you a good idea as to the kind of design work we do as well, and may spark some ideas as to work we can do for you!


Based in Northeast Texas in the city of Hawkins, Fusion Metal Creations brings an incredible and diverse freshness to the industry with its designs, which focus on both attractiveness to the eye as well as function and practicality.

Our mission is to be a valuable partner to you and your home/business, as we work to make your building looking and functioning the best it can be!

Keep an eye on this blog, as we’ll continue to post information, updates, and relevant things of value here for you on a regular basis.

On behalf of everyone here at Fusion, we’re looking forward to working with you! Take a look around our website and reach out to us with any questions or requests you have! We know you’ll like what you see!

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